Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why we shouldn't have a government

"Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."
Oscar Wilde

I like that.
Anyway, I think there should be a website (maybe and instead of a massively, inconceivably expensive, complicated and horribly confusing elections system like we have now, people who care about politics just go on that website and they can vote on decision our government would normally make.

On the website, you'll see thousands of things you can vote on, with the biggest decisions at the top.
If you like, you can choose not to vote on anything.

For weird people that don't have internet access, there's always libraries and friends' computers, etc.

Basically the 'government' would actually just be a team of people who have the neccessary skills to carry out the running of the country (finance, legal, contruction, etc) under the direct instruction of the public.
I'm open minded to people having more voting power in areas in which they're able to prove they are well qualified, and know their shit, as opposed to just really opinionated. Wikipedia kind of does this. That's why it's basically an absolutely incredible mine of endless, high quality information that is 99.9% accurate.

Discussions should be hugely encouraged and well facilitated on the site, helping people to consider their findings and knowledge before casting their vote.


I actually get my say
I wasn't even able to vote for the party I wanted in the last election, because someone decided that they weren't going to be popular enough. Even the party I wanted to choose had policies I didn't feel represented my views, but because of our ridiculous so called democracy, all I can do is give all or none of my single vote to them (except as I say, I actually couldn't, because it's even more ridiculous and dysfunctional than that)

The final votes don't get twisted
I don't know who invented the "first past the post" system, but they're a fucking dick. There's a reason why we're in a tiny minority of the developed world that still uses this election system; because it's a lie.
I don't understand how anyone can even pretend to think it's a democracy when, for example, almost 2 thirds of the UK could vote for very similar left-wing, liberal parties, and just over a third of voters (in each region) vote for an extreme right-wing party, and the final results would come out as "100% of Britain unantmously agrees that this party should win". It makes me want to bomb my own country into the floor. I am the opposite of a patriot. I wish we could just admit what a disgusting lie our democracy is.

Much, much cheaper. No more campaigning, no more ballots. Pay a web designer

We stop blaming the government for our problems
I'm so bored of everyone (including me) complaining about political parties, or just not voting. Now the power can be in our hands, and of course we'll make mistakes, we'll ruin our economy occasionally and stuff; excellent. I really think that's great. Because then it's OUR fault, and we won't make the same mistake again, and we will get better at informing ourselves and taking an interest in the running of our country and its complex issues, because they affect us all, and we're all involved. We'll start to see through the bullshit simplifications and agenda-twisting words of the mass media, and begin thinking for ourselves more, which will be scary.

People who say true democracy is less efficient are really dumb. When loads of people have all participated in a decision they care about, and feel represented, they will pull together in a way no dictator or single leader can ever match, so long as the country is organised.
The way a policy in the UK turns from an idea to actual implementation is a joke that takes several years as I understand, where as online via this website, it could be a matter of hours theoretically, from conception to passing/starting to implement it.
It's also just so much easier to mantain as a system, and also for voters to vote, just going to a website and pressing a couple of buttons.


I would love people to tell me what's wrong with this idea x